IMA Rise & Shine!

Indian Medical Association (HQs) and its branches conduct numerous activities in the interest of the society and the profession. Most of them report their activities to the IMA HQs through Activity reports.

Team IMA has decided to lay more stress on issues of interest that are of relevance today. We have initiated some schemes and initiatives based on these issues.

For all activities conducted, proper statistical reporting plays a vital role. Therefore, it has been decided to collect data in a general format that is common to all the above projects, schemes and initiatives. We have designed a format for this purpose. The ensuing pages are an effort to ensure the same.

We call upon all our branches to report their activities through this mode and send their supporting documents like photographs, press and media coverage, invitations, publicity material etc. through post along with a signed and stamped printout of the final report after submission.

Weightage would be awarded to those branches who conduct their activities on the issues and schemes as finalized by the Team IMA. The same have been tabulated in the relevant field in the ensuing pages.

A proper marking system has been adopted for branches conducting these activities. Based on this marking system, Branches conducting outstanding activities in maximum number of activities shall be suitably awarded during the Awards function to be held at the end of the year.

This proper reporting will enable us to generate statistical reports whenever needed and also help us to portray the correct social face of our profession.